How to install wxmac properly for running observer with Elixir

For Elixir installed with asdf, whenever I try to run

iex> :observer.start

I keep getting the following error

Could not find '' in: /Users/anil/.asdf/installs/erlang/

Below are steps to properly install wxmac on a macOS

Make sure you have openssl installed

brew install openssl

Then follow these steps

git clone
cd wxWidgets

git submodule update --init src/png
git submodule update --init src/jpeg
git submodule update --init 3rdparty/catch

./configure --with-cocoa --prefix=/usr/local --enable-webview --enable-compat28 --with-macosx-version-min=11.3

sudo make install
asdf plugin add erlang
asdf list all erlang
asdf install erlang <erlang_version>

asdf plugin add elixir
asdf list all elixir
asdf install elixir <elixir_version>

Now you can run :observer.start on iex in order to run observer.

Anil Wadghule

Anil Wadghule