About me

I'm Anil Wadghule,

I am currently working with Erlang Solutions as an Elixir Developer.

With expertise in building software with Elixir programming language & Phoenix web framework, I helped my clients to build projects using Elixir language and Phoenix web framework for a few years.

Previously, I worked with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Node.js, Elm, etc., programming languages.

Specialize in product development. Follow TDD and Agile principles.


Architect, coordinate and implement your Elixir projects.

My experience includes building Skatter, a video chat product made with Elixir in the backend. Elm lang on the frontend.

Worked in domains like Chatbots, Project management software, Online examinations video recording, Real-time notification hub, Social/E-commerce apps backend, etc.

Used Elixir as the main server-side language for these various projects in a variety of domains.


Link to LinkedIn profile


Drop me an email at anil@anilwadghule.com with a short project description, and I will consider your project.