About me

I'm Anil Wadghule,

I am currently working with Erlang Solutions as an Elixir Developer.

With expertise in building software with Elixir programming language & Phoenix web framework, I help my clients to build projects using Elixir language and Phoenix web framework for more than 5 years

Previously, I worked with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Node.js/JavaScript, Elm, etc., programming languages.

I specialize in product development. Follow TDD and Agile principles.


I help to architect, coordinate and implement Elixir lang projects.

My experience includes building Skatter, a video chat product made with Elixir in the backend. Elm lang on the frontend.

Worked in domains like Chatbots, Project management software, Online examinations video recording, Real-time notification hub, Social/E-commerce apps backend, etc.

I primarily use Elixir lang as the main server-side language for these various projects in a variety of domains.


Link to LinkedIn profile


Drop me an email at anil@anilwadghule.com with a short project description, and I may consider your project.