How to install Janus WebRTC Server on macOS

Janus WebRTC Server Janus is an open source, general purpose, WebRTC server designed and developed by Meetecho.

Multiple times I found hard to follow steps to Install Janus on my Mac.

Follow below steps to install Janus on Mac with post processing support

Install dependencies

brew install jansson libnice openssl srtp libusrsctp libmicrohttpd \\
    libwebsockets cmake rabbitmq-c sofia-sip opus libogg curl glib \\
    libconfig pkg-config gengetopt autoconf automake libtool ffmpeg

Clone git repo

Janus WebRTC Server can be found here at GitHub

Clone the git repo to your computer

git clone

Build and install

cd to the janus-gateway directory then run following command

cd janus-gateway



to generate the configure file. After that, configure and compile as usual to start the whole compilation process:

/configure --prefix=/usr/local/janus --enable-post-processing PKG\_CONFIG\_PATH=/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/pkgconfig

Create janus folder with following command


sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/janus
chown $USER:staff /usr/local/janus

Then run

make install

to generate default configs

make configs

Run Janus

After above steps you will be able to run Janus with following command

Anil Wadghule

Anil Wadghule